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This $5,000 business class seat from Japan to Los Angeles only cost $5. My two year old daughter sat next to me and slept peacefully.

Do you want to travel? Do you want to Travel Hack a trip and pay next to nothing on flights and hotels? Is Travel Hacking still a bit of a mystery to you? Do you not want to do hundreds of hours of research as I have?

If the answer is yes to these questions, keep reading.


Thanks to Travel Hacking I have saved over $60,000 through the years in traveling around the world. That means if I paid the full price of my plane tickets and hotel rooms, it would have cost me over $60,000. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it if it wasn’t for Travel Hacking. After many hours of reading fine print and learning the system, I only paid about $3,000 for all travel expenses including family vacations.

How I did it isn’t the right question. What’s more important is how can YOU do it.

Ever since my 7 continent trip that cost $241 in flight costs, I have received many messages asking how I did it. So I wrote a book to teach people how to Travel Hack. Book sales went better than expected and I’m thankful for that. People who bought and read the book still had specific questions for their specific trip.



This business class seat to Fiji would have cost $3,200. Thanks to Travel Hacking, it was only $60.

As a service to everyone passionate about travelling, I helped them Travel Hack and barely pay anything for dream trips. It was very rewarding. I never held back information or said “Buy the book” to find out. I get a lot of satisfaction spending almost an hour a day helping dozens of people fulfill their dream to travel. I love it.


Unfortunately, it has been taking a toll on me. With a growing business and a growing two year old, my time has become limited.


That is why I am offering the best service ever.


For only $14.99 a month, ask as many questions as you like about travel hacking or anything else related to travel. I will help plan your trip, give tips on traveling, and most importantly help you pay a fraction of the cost. Think of it as a travel mentoring.

That’s the cost of a breakfast and lunch.


$14.99 a month will save many hours of research and potentially hundreds(probably thousands) of dollars in travel expenses. Unlimited questions. Cancel at any time.


Yes, $14.99 is extremely low and is only the introductory price. Space is limited and as time goes on the price will definitely go up for new people who sign up.


Travel Hack Success Stories


christine first class

“I was pregnant with Bella and travelling the world. I remember when i was in Thailand and was at the point that i was ready to head home. I was concerned about an 11-14 hour flight going from Bangkok to New York. Napoleon reviewed my miles and was able to get me a cheap flight for premium first class on Cathy Pacific. I spent less than 100 dollars for this flight. I was one of the 6 people on the flight that had premium first class. I had a sitting area, 30 inch T.V., and a seat that turned into a bed (they provided a mattress). They gave me pajamas and slippers as well as expensive facial products. The food was amazing. I had access to as much food as I desired. Being Pregnant, I never felt hungry and was pampered. Additionally, I had a lay over for 12 hours in Hong Kong Airport. The first class lounge gave me access to a private room to rest and shower. Diversity in cuisine with chefs making fresh cooked to order meals. Being Pregnant, I was in heaven. I would not have had the opportunity to get such a great flight and experience if I did not have Napoleon intelligence.”



“I felt hopeless. I felt like there was no way my fiancé and I would ever be able to travel. Everything is so expensive in life, but if there was a way to turn allthat money you NEED to spend into a vacation, wouldn’t you do it?? Well that’s what Napoleon Streisand taught me. He taught me how to use credit card rewards programs to pay for our trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we have plenty of rewards leftover for our upcoming trips to California and Mexico. And if you think this will be difficult, it won’t be. Napoleon Streisand made this process as easy as can be!”

– David


“Thanks to Napoleon Streisand I was able to travel to so many places around the world and within the United States at a fraction of the cost of conventional travel. I never even had a credit card, but Napoleon taught me everything about travel hacking, including setting up credit cards with big sign up bonuses, maximizing my miles, and navigating the airline networks. He gives direction with patience, detailed explanation and genuine care for the quality of your trip. With his help I flew to Greece, Israel, Turkey and South Africa and stayed in countless hotels for free, including two nights in an executive suite in Athens! In the summer of 2015 I was able to attend many friends’ weddings around the US, all of which would not have been possible without travel hacking. I highly recommend using Napoleon Streisand’s services if you want to travel abroad or even if you’re planning small trips here at home! He can make your wanderlust dreams into a reality!”



 “I’m a PhD student and have virtually no spare time. Napoleon handled all of my travel plans and managed to acquire extremely cheap flights with miles. I had to attend a research program in Israel, but could not afford the potential $1,200 flight. Through Travel Hacking, Napoleon got me a round trip to Israel with a free 3 day layover in Germany and free nights in a hotel. In taxes and fees, that trip cost $196.47! I have never been to the Caribbean. For my birthday, Napoleon helped get me a last minute flight to Jamaica and I stayed at an all-inclusive hotel for free. My round trip flight cost only $121.84. I never imagined that I could have traveled to three countries for approximately $320. Thanks Napoleon Streisand.”
alex thailand
“I am seriously so surprised and thankful for what Napoleon did for me. I only had 1 credit card my entire life and he taught me how to manage multiple credit cards and accumulate a lot of miles. I had the trip of a lifetime in Israel, Taiwan and Thailand. I will never forget the amazing memories I had in those countries. I still have miles left over for the next vacation I am planning. Napoleon is the best travel hacking guru!!!!”

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